Welcome to Flynn Township, Sanilac County, Michigan

Welcome to Flynn Township

Flynn Township is located in the south western portion of Sanilac County in the State of Michigan.  This website is meant to provide our residents with up-to-date information on Township Meetings, Ordinances, Meeting Minutes, and much more.  If you need further assistance, please contact a Township Official who will assist you in finding what you are looking for.

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The Flynn Township Board



The Omard Cemetery is now ONLINE! 


It can be accessed a number of different ways -- your desktop, laptop, smart phone, ipad, ...




If needed, the "User Name" is omard and "Password" is omard

A "Hands-On" Demo will be scheduled for later in Sept. at the Senior Center.  Stay tune for details!  




Want to Rent the Senior Center & Park? 


Contact Brent Banks  at (810) 837-2474 or FlynnTownshipTreasurer@gmail.com.  



Dial 811 for MISS DIG Before You Dig

Approximately 25% of all damage to our infrastructure is caused by a property owner doing work on their own property and not aware of utilities buried below the dirt.  A simple FREE call to 811 can have them all identified by a trained professional before you dig!   






Flynn Township Senior Center
5251 Shephard Road
Brown City, Michigan 48416

Clerk: Robert Vinande, (810) 705-0922
Supervisor: Grant Burgess, (810) 404-2382
Deputy Supervisor: Gene Burgess, (810) 404-2917
Treasurer: Brent Banks, (810) 837-2474
Assessor: Thomas Lupo, (810) 728-6170